Water softeners aren’t cheap, so they are far from being an impulse purchase. When you decide to invest in such appliances, you need to do a proper research, in order to understand the main types of appliances and systems, and their working principles. If this research leads you to the conclusion that a salt free water softener system would suit best your household, you’ll have to compare all your available options, so that you can choose the best. Anyway, salt free water softeners have one huge advantage, which is that they don’t need power to work. This makes them suitable for remote areas and for families who want to keep their electricity bills as low as possible. These systems are also popular due to their compact design that makes them fit even in tight spaces. In addition, they don’t require any consumables, so you won’t have to carry huge loads of salt for your machine. People who are on a low sodium diet can benefit a lot from installing a salt free water softener, as it is a much safer choice for them.

Significance Of Water Softener


The first thing to consider is how important the various benefits of different salt free systems are to you. If you want something very effective on the scale buildups, a system that works with both cold and hot water, you may want to take a closer look at the Clearwave Electronic unit, as it appears to be the best in terms of effectiveness and versatility.

The Aquios Full House fleck water softeners is yet another interesting option. This product comes with a warranty of 20 years, which is probably the best on the market. Nonetheless, you have to be careful, as this unit is less effective than the Clearwave Electronic system mentioned above. Both options are suitable for processing well water. If you don’t care about well water, you may as well choose the Nuvo H2O DPHB, which is another salt free home water softener system that’s eco-friendly and easy to install.

Shopping For Water Softeners

When shopping around for water softeners, you need to consider the volume of water you need to process. For example, a device with a capacity of 50,000 gallons will last for about one year for a family of two. The only maintenance work required us the replacement of the filter cartridge, which should occur every six months.

The other thing to look for when purchasing your device is what other people say about various models available on your market. Product reviews are extremely useful, as they enable you to find out directly from other users how good each device is. Pay attention to all details, particularly the ones in negative reviews, as they may contain nuggets of information that could make you chance your mind in regard to which salt free water softener would be the best to buy. Side by side comparisons will also help you make the best decision right off the bat, so don’t shy away from using them.