Advice on Hiring A Tax Attorney

Before you hire a tax attorney, the first thing to consider is whether you really need their services. Of course, only you can answer this question since you are aware of your situation. If you’re required to pay a small amount, you may not need the attorney services. However, I would advise you to consult a tax lawyer to avoid such a situation happening again in the future.
If the tax issue is complex for you to handle, then a tax lawyer may come in handy. There are situations where using a tax attorney is imperative such as when you’re being investigated by the IRS, or when you want to sue them for an error on your tax bill.

Finding the Right Tax Lawyer

It is important that you look for a lawyer that your comfortable dealing with. You should be able to relate to him or her in both a professional and friendly manner.

His or her credentials and experience are ideally important. The lawyer should be able to give proof for the following:

-A degree in law, preferably an advanced one in Taxation

-License to practice law in your state

It is also advisable to look for a lawyer who is a certified public accountant as well. This is not a requirement, but it helps when it comes to tax problems that involve accounting matters.
A general tip when hiring a tax attorney is never to be easily impressed with the credentials. Just pay close attention to his or her achievements as they will prove if they have used the credentials effectively.

Asking for recommendations is another wise thing to do when searching for a lawyer. Your friends or relatives might know of a good lawyer who assisted them with their tax problems with the IRS. Also, hire an attorney who has been in the business for a significant period in the field. Never compromise on experience.