When comparing Xilinx with Altera, it is first important to understand who is behind Altera. If you aren’t familiar, the answer is Intel. If you look at profits for fiscal year 2016, analysts say that Xilinx beat Altera. Naturally, Xilinx isn’t going to come anywhere close to beating Intel in general, but they beat them in regards to the type of business Xilinx handles.

What’s interesting to me

without knowing all of the details, is that usually means that there could be a buyout brewing. Buyouts don’t always happen, as consolidation isn’t the only option. Still, you have to realize that Intel is also focusing more on FPGAs. Just this year, they began using them to power data centers. Intel has also announced major plans to pursue the Internet of Things. How you will be Finding a List of Electronic Brands Online .

Xilinx would be an expensive buyout.

Still, it’s possible that it could be a very lucrative one. At this point, Intel would be eliminating stiff competition in that sector, yet maintaining of course the Xilinx brand as well as its own Altera brand. It appears that Xilinx has always been the better growth company. Until recent months, it could have even been argued that Xilinx was a better growth company than Intel.

However, that last statement would have only been made by a short-sighted investor. It is Intel that has the better track record, more diversity, more capital and more plans for the future. Intel is going to rake one way or another when it comes to FPGAs. They will make it happen.

That doesn’t mean that Xilinx has to struggle in order for that to happen. It could be that Xilinx continues to do quite well, and as a matter of fact, that is what I expect. Indeed, Intel is still struggling when it comes to that agreement with Altera. Xilinx has a narrower focus, and so far Xilinx is the winner.

All I’m saying is that an investor would be foolish to think that Xilinx is going to make Intel look bad. Xilinx may squash Altera, at least for awhile and maybe overall. But ultimately, there will be two winners, Intel and Xilinx. If there is only one winner, it’s going to be Intel. There should be no reason for that though. It is just food for thought for programmers and investors who are looking at Altera vs Xilinx. You have to look behind the curtain, and it’s Intel fueling . Click at http://www.directics.com/brand/xilinx/ .